Meet The Team!

Christopher Neisen


My name is Chris and I founded Integrity Tech to help equip small business owners to be able to have a fair shot in an ever-growing technology-driven society. It's time to level the playing field and help people get the tools they need to properly compete.

I chose the name "Integrity" because that's what I want my entire business to be founded on. When I take on clients, I partner with them to see their dreams come to fruition. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the excitement on someone's face when they realize what can truly be done with software, and the fact that I can help get them there.

I have always found the most joy in helping others achieve their goals. Since I've started my career I've worked for a number of companies. However, working for many of these companies allowed me very little opportunity to truly help, so I decided to venture out on my own.

There is such a large amount of missed potential simply due to a lack of knowledge. It is the primary reason Integrity Tech exists.

By choosing Integrity Tech we will go above and beyond to ensure a bridge is built between you and the software you need.

Megan Neisen


I'm Megan. I enjoy working behind in the scenes helping with more of the administrative tasks.

In my spare time I like to read, write, and create art in my sketchbook. During the summer I love being outside and I enjoy riding my bike.



I'm Cooper! They call me the office mascot but everyone knows I'm in charge around here. I like to chase small rodents and red flashy lights. I also like to run everywhere, in every direction, for absolutely no reason. I'm not always full of energy though. Sometimes I'd rather stare up at the ceiling and sit very still for hours. I enjoy cat treats, like I really really enjoy cat treats. Everyone loves me and I brighten everyone's day.