Need some inspiration?

Below is a list of common integrations that are used in many different business websites. We are able to incorporate any of these features into your custom website.

Suggested Integrations

  • Payment portals and gateways using Paypal, Stripe or Square.
  • CRM integrations via sources like salesforce, hubspot or Zoho CRM among others.
  • Social media widgets via Facebook or Linkedin among others.
  • Google Maps widgets so people can more easily find you.
  • Calendly widget so people can set appointments straight from your website.
  • Ecommerce integrations with Shopify, Bigcommerce or Etsy to allow people to see certain products and sales from your website.
  • Chat window via Zendesk, Intercom or Drift among others.
  • File upload and storage from your website.
  • PDF conversion and downloading from your website.
  • Accounting integrations via Quickbooks among others.
  • Shipping and Tracking portals and widgets via UPS, Fedex, etc.
  • Video hosting and streaming.
  • Electronic form signing from your website via DocuSign or Adobe.
  • Survey tools via SurveyMonkey among others.
  • Anything else you can imagine. Have an idea? Talk to me, we can do a lot!